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A Catholic Woman's Organization

The Affiliated Auxiliaries of The Knights of Columbus

The Columbiettes, an organization of Catholic women dedicated to our Patronesses, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Theresa the Little Flower and St. Joan of Arc, are comprised of affiliated Auxiliaries of the Knights of Columbus Councils.


A Columbiette Auxiliary is in existence only with the consent and approval of the Council with which it is affiliated. One of our purposes is to aid our Council spiritually, socially and financially. The Columbiette Auxiliary upon request aids said Council in all its endeavors.


Our Emblem

    represents the World.


    represents Christ’s love for us – by His Crucifixion He redeemed the World.


  • The RAYS represent our zeal to serve God through the Mediums of Faith, Hope and Charity symbolized by the THREE WHITE STARS.

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Our Patronesses

  • Blessed Virgin Mary – Let us be ever mindful of the responsibility which is ours, by emulating her in her purity, and by imitating her as a Mother, for we, as Catholics know, that she is the foundation of all true motherhood.

  • Saint Therese, the Little Flower – In her great zeal to serve Almighty God, she welcomed any opportunity to make sacrifices.

  • St. Joan of Arc – She was always ready to give her aid unselfishly to those who defended a righteous cause.



As a charitable, not-for-profit organization we support many different charities and are involved in community activities as well as working collectively with our Brother Knights to promote faith and unity. We also have many social events as well as our religious and charitable works where you will have the opportunity to meet other women who share your interest.


We are an organization of woman from all backgrounds united by our Catholic faith, the Love of our family, our Love of Country and our commitment to helping others. Our patronesses are our Blessed Mother, St. Therese The Little Flower and St. Joan of Arc.

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