Gil Duke


In addition to serving as our Warden and and faithfully executing the duties and responsibilities of the position, Gil Duke has gone above and beyond and has established himself worthy of being recognized as our “Knight of the Month” for February 2020. Whenever the council was in need of someone to come forward and help with an event, Gil was there. Gil volunteered his time to set up and decorate the council Christmas tree. In addition he was part of the team that put on this past years “Light Up For Christ” event. Later on in December, Gil was front and center helping to decorate Sacred Heart Church for Christmas. Later on that same day, Gil volunteered his time and his truck to transport toys to sick children at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood that were collected at a recent Bingo event. In February Gil once again came forward when the council was in need of someone to chair our “Night of Wine & Roses” Valentines Day event. Although Gil could not be present for the event, he went out of his way to ensure that everything was in order for the evening and there would be no complications. We are proud to acknowledge all the time and effort Gil has put in to our Council and are happy to have awarded him this honor. 

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